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Kalkaska Store Information

All Natural Slow Brew Salves

2 oz. tin $19.50 -or- 1 oz. tin $10.50


All salves contain only natural ingredients.

For those of you that do not know what a salve is...

It is along the lines of bag balm, or a lip balm. Each salve takes about 4 hours to make. By cooking the ingredients slowly it draws out the medicinal properties contained within’ the plant.  The beeswax makes the mixture harden to be used as salve.

*Free Shipping*



Drawing Salve- My best selling salve, this salve is to help pull splinters, stingers and other small objects from the skin with plantain herb.  See customer comments to read what they say.  This is an all natural salve made with wild craft herbs, hand harvested by Deb.  Also contains mild antiseptic properties.


Dry Skin Salve- Extremely moisturizing salve made with naturally moisturizing and healing chamomile herb.  The herbal used to create this salve was harvested at the peak medicinal time.  This means that these salves are more medicinal than most, and help you heal better.


Antiseptic Healing- This is the perfect all around salve to keep handy.  Contains a blend of several herbs that are naturally drawing and antiseptic.  Fights germs to help your minor cuts heal and your bruises fade faster. Also helps draw out splinters.  Made with hand harvested, wild craft st. john's wort, houseleek from my herb garden and dried lavender flowers.  A wonderfully natural healing blend.


Calendula Salve: Helpful with healing and may also help with varicose veins, leg ulcers and skin inflammations

Sick Salve (Menthol Rub)
Made with a blend of camphor, eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils, this is a wonderfully natural blend thats mentholated to help keep you congestion free :)  Also contains carrier oil and beeswax. Available in 1 oz. and .5 oz tin

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