Benefits of Essential Oils for the Body, Mind, and Soul

Essential oils are not a new thing. They are one of the oldest therapeutic traditions in the world. Nature provides many things needed to support our health and cleanse the home. Subtle and elegant, essential oils from our store can cleanse and sooth. They heal and support an individual’s mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing.

They provide:

  • Support for your body, mind, and soul
  • A natural alternative to chemical disinfectants
  • Aromatherapeutic boost in your skincare routine

What Are The Benefits Of Essential Oils?

They are used to support the body since they contain useful compounds such as terpenes, antioxidants, and esters, which boost wellness.

Essential oils support the body’s natural ability to reduce anxiety and pain, help support the body’s immune system, and enhance mental clarity and energy.

Some Essential Oils from Handmade Naturals That You Should Try

  1. Calm The Child Essential Oil

Our Calm the Child Essential Oil is an oil that you should use in your diffuser daily. This essential oil contains Roman and German Chamomile paired with Lavender, Tangerine, and Mandarin. This blend contains ingredients that can help:

  • Support a calming and relaxing environment in your home.
  • Assist with your overall mood.
  • Eliminate stress, anxiety, and other sources of tension from the aura of your personal spaces.
  1. Cozy Essential Oil

Try our Cozy Essential Oil to create a sense of warmness no matter what the season. This is a particularly nice blend to have in your diffuser during the start of the fall season. Made with a wonderful blend of Orange and Clove, this is one of our more popular essential oils.

  1. Happy Day Essential Oil

Our Happy Day Essential Oil contains an uplifting blend of Orange and Lavender. This oil will leave your home smelling great throughout the year and will support an aura of joy in your home.

  1. Spice of Life Essential Oil

One of our favorite blends is our Spice of Life Essential Oil. This wonderful essential oil can uplift the bind and enhance your energy levels. Clove Bud, Start Anise, and Tea Tree enhance your senses, and creates a sense of clarity for your mind.

Using Essential Oils From Handmade Naturals

We have two different types of essential oil products that we invite you to try. You can use our essential oil products in a diffuser or use one of our roll-ons. If you are going to try one of our essential oils in a dispenser bottle, here is how to use them:

  1. Choose a location in your home, like a countertop or a tabletop.
  2. Fill your diffuser to the fill line with water.
  3. Add your desired aromatherapy oils from Handmade Naturals.
  4. Turn on.

Many of our essential oils also come in a roll-on bottle. All of our roll-on essential oils come in a 5% dilution using Natural Fractionated Coconut Oil. Our roll-ons are designed for adults and we recommend applying on a small area to ensure that there are no adverse reactions.

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