Check your ingredients!

The FIRST thing as a consumer that you should be doing when you buy a product that will go on your skin or in your body is checking the ingredients.  So many people don't know yet that the ingredients in a lot of our products (especially skincare) are toxic.  

Toxic meaning they can cause reproductive issues, cancer, and tons of other things, but big retailers seem to be ok using these products because they are cheap and most people don't take time to really look.  Worse is that some companies HIDE their ingredients from their website - if you ever go on a website and you DO NOT see the ingredients of that product, steer clear, or email the company and ask for them so you can do the research.  Some companies will hide things in the description too, for instance, I was on a website the other day and saw a whipped soap, ingredients started with "soap base" - first of all, I HOPE SO, but the real question is WHAT is in that soap base?  It's like putting a bar of soap on a website and saying it's ingredients are "soap", information is KEY!

So, as a consumer, take an extra moment and look at the ingredients, some may be named funny or scary but they aren't bad for you or they could be derived from a natural source.  I always look up products on google or if I have a barcode I scan it on the "Think Dirty" app.  When you search on google, please just make sure to read a few of the things you find and not just one.  There are other websites out there as well, like EWG Skin Deep, but I have found that questionable items are rated higher than I would rate them personally, but they do this due to the US Standards being lower than Canada or the UK where things are really strict, so if you go that route, just make sure you read if it's allowed in those places and you will have a good idea of whether it's good or not regardless of their rating.

Hope this helps!

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