Natural Men's Care Products

High-quality, natural men’s care products are often hard to come by. Also, men tend to have different shopping habits that often focus on convenience, which may make them more likely to purchase a personal care product, such as aftershave, at the store. Some of the problems that men encounter when styling their hair or shaving include bumps, red spots, and sores.

Thankfully, Handmade Naturals has put together several alluring men’s care products, which contain natural ingredients and are easy to use.

One of the benefits of using Handmade Naturals men’s care products is that you don’t have to worry about what is on the ingredients list. Whether you are looking for a good clean shave or a style, these products will go a long way towards improving how you look and feel.

Natural Shaving Products

Use these products if you are looking for a good, clean, and soft shave.

Shaving Cream for a Stylish Clean Cut

Our Clean Cut Shaving Cream is the quintessential shaving product. With an aroma of spice, this shaving cream will cling to the skin and not clog the razor. This is a great product for men with sensitive skin. With 47% organic ingredients, this shaving cream is Vegan and free of gluten, parabens, and phthalates. Made with Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, this shaving cream will give a smooth cut and leave you without any razor burn. All of the scents in our Clean Cut Shaving Cream are derived from essential oils and not fragrances.

Natural Aftershave Refresher

Many men do not include an aftershave as part of their care regimen, let alone a natural one. Handmade Naturals offers its natural Aftershave Refresher as a viable alternative to store-bought products. Made with 89% organic ingredients, this product contains several beneficial ingredients for the best shaving experience, including:

  • White Willow Bark: This ingredient helps refine and minimize pores, resulting in less oil and blemishes.
  • Tea Tree Oil: This oil will help eliminate the redness, swelling, and pain associated with shaving.
  • Organic Aloe Juice: Aloe helps to cool the skin after shaving.

Tea tree oil is an effective ingredient for this Aftershave Refresher. Not only is it an effective scent, it also has the following benefits:

  • It can serve as an antiseptic for any cuts that are incurred while shaving.
  • It can boost healing and eliminate the pain associated with shaving.
  • It can also eliminate any acne in more oily skin.

Getting the Most out of Shaving Products From Handmade Naturals

Our products are great if you want a clean shave or a style or trim. Generally speaking, shaving every two to three days will give you a clean shave. Using our shaving cream and aftershave every 3 to 5 days will give a shorter beard the body and depth desired. You can use our shaving products anywhere on the body, in addition to the face.

Natural Styling Products

Use these dual-use products on either your facial hair or to give your head hair the strength it needs to make it throughout the day.

Gentleman’s Styling Balm

Our Gentleman’s Styling Balm is a great styling product for men. This balm is great for both facial and head hair. This balm is nourishing and replenishes the hair, adds a medium hold, and has a woodsy scent.

The Mane Tamer Oil

The Mane Tamer Oil is particularly well-suited for coarse facial hair. The ingredients in this product soften and smooth the hair, hydrating the skin. This oil has a mascline scent with a touch of citrus. Scentwise, this goes well with our Gentleman’s Styling Balm. The Mane Tamer Oil is also a good fit with other care products that you may use on a day-to-day basis.

How Often Should You Use Styling Products?

Generally speaking, you should style your facial hair depending upon the length of your facial hair. Shorter beards can be groomed more frequently, while longer beards won’t need as much grooming. If you have a longer beard, less is better, as frequent washing of your beard will strip it of the natural oils that your body produces to give it more body. Shorter facial hair can be groomed daily while longer beards should be groomed two to three times per week.

Why Natural Men’s Care Products From Handmade Naturals Are a Great Fit

Men’s care products from Handmade Naturals are a great fit for hair styling and shaving for several different reasons:

  • A small amount of our products go a long way toward reaching your styling needs.
  • All of our men’s care products, especially our Clean Cut Shaving Cream and Aftershave Refresher, are soft on your skin, making your skin care regimen a more enjoyable experience.
  • All of our skin care products for men use organic or naturally derived ingredients.

The Benefits of Looking Good Naturally

There are many benefits to being well-groomed. For example, a recent article published in Smithsonian Magazine determined that well-groomed men have the potential to make 13% more during their career and be hired during a recession. Other benefits of being well-groomed include:

  • Feeling more confident about one’s self.
  • Radiating self-esteem and making lasting impressions.
  • Being well-groomed also leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Looking good naturally with Handmade Naturals will also help your budget. Our products are affordable and will last a long time since you only need to use a small amount with each application.

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