Plant-based fragrance soaps with no artificial ingredients or additives

More and more, people are searching for alternatives to products that you can find at the supermarket. The days of relying on corporations to source our beauty, health, and skincare products are quickly becoming a thing of the past, and customers prefer the quality and eco-friendly approach of handmade artisan products.

There are many reasons for this. Supporting small and local businesses is often touted as a primary cause, but there is also the cruelty-free approach. Unlike products from big companies, the customer, like you, knows exactly where the product has come from, and Handmade Naturals is happy to share every stage of the process with you for total transparency.

Our collection of Plant-based soaps is one of our most popular and this is because they are developed with zero artificial ingredients or additives. If you want to learn more, here is an overview of our range to give you an idea of which plant-based soap is right for you.

Blemish Be Gone Soap

Acne, right? You hope that it’s something that goes away the moment you leave high school, but for many people, acne is just a part of life. While commercials will sell you acne solutions, these are often packed with additives and artificial ingredients that aren’t for everybody.

Our Blemish Be Gone Soap contains a blend of excellent ingredients including Spearmint and Camphor that open the pores to awaken them and release trapped dirt and grease that can cause acne, blackheads, and more. Besides this, the Witch Hazel cleanses excess oil and reduces inflammation, while the Lemon Balm soothes the skin to prevent irritation.

Organic Honey Oatmeal Soap

Our Organic Honey Oatmeal Soap provides a rich, moisturizing experience and contains all the essentials you need for supple, soft, and hydrated skin. The key ingredient here is the Shea Butter that boasts fatty acids and vitamins to soothe and soften your skin like never before.

But what about the honey and oatmeal? This soap makes the most of the Honeys antioxidant and antimicrobial properties to reduce inflammation, while the Oatmeal will exfoliate and soothe skin, making it a fantastic choice for people who experience sensitive, dry, or irritated skin regularly. It is also not as fragrant as other options, which is ideal for our customers with a sensitive skin and sense of smell.

Organic Blood Orange Soap

Blood Orange is one of the most versatile oils for your skin, and this is why our Organic Blood Orange Soap is so popular amongst our customers. It helps fight bacteria and soothe skin, which results in a perfectly healthy glow that you can’t find elsewhere.

It’s not all about the physical benefits, though. Blood Orange oil has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety (and isn’t that something we all need in the modern world?)

It’s the perfect way to start the day right, giving you the confidence, energy, and attitude you need to excel at work, school, or just in life.

Purifying Charcoal Soap

Our Purifying Charcoal Soap is a hugely versatile soap that is suitable for any type of skin. From regular to oily to combination to blemish-prone, you can’t go wrong with this product. The charcoal naturally draws toxins and impurities and exfoliates the pores to clear up your skin for a healthier, smoother appearance, reducing redness and the size of pores.

Along with Charcoal, you’ll also find Tea Tree oil-infused which eliminates blemish-causing bacteria. Other ingredients are natural oils and butters, which work with all skin types to provide optimal hydration without any specialist application.

Organic Citrus Lavender Soap

If you’re not sure what type of skin you have (or even if it seems to change with the seasons), the Organic Citrus Lavender Soap is a fantastic one-soap-fits-all option that will provide relief for a wide range of skin issues and irritations.

Packed with Orange essential oil along with the briefest hints of Tangerine and Lemon, it’s a citrus party that blends all the benefits to cut through grease naturally. The Lavender essential oils also increase its versatility, making it a soap that is as suitable for you as it is for anybody else you might know. This doesn’t just make it a useful soap for all occasions, but also a great gift if you’re unsure what to buy.

Organic Oatmeal & Spice Soap

As delicious as the Organic Oatmeal & Spice Soap sounds, it’s not something you can chow down on when you feel a little peckish. Still, it’s a fantastic natural handmade soap that soothes your skin and your senses for superb results.

Oatmeal is crucial for sensitive skin, whereas the Clove Buds contribute anti-aging effects to reduce wrinkles and lines around the eyes, mouth, and hands. These Buds also remove dead skin cells and promote blood circulation, which keeps you energized wherever you go.

Finally, the Cassia Oil will protect the skin, heal wounds, and even remedy mysterious rashes that you might experience.

Organic Lavender Soap

The Organic Lavender Soap is a simple but ultimately effective product that delivers a gorgeous, calming Lavender scent while also ensuring all-around benefits for any type of skin. If you know anything about Lavender already, you know its benefits in soothing the senses, and this makes it a perfect pre-bedtime soap to help you ease into your slumber and wake up feeling as fresh as a daisy.

We’ve also added Comfrey Root to encourage skin cell growth and maintain your skin’s health, while the Alkanet Root is a popular ingredient for healing burn scars and sunburn. If you’re planning a vacation somewhere sunny anytime soon, this soap should be the first thing you pack in your suitcase.

Organic Gardeners Soap

Our selection of plant-based soaps would be complete without our Organic Gardeners Soap. Designed and developed with the dirtiest hands in mind, it easily cuts through grime and muck from the garage or garden, making it a fantastic gift for the hard worker in your life, even if that hard worker is you.

The key ingredients include ground Apricot kernels and coffee to scrub away pesky stains and grease. The Citrus notes are easy on the nose, producing a refreshing aroma that naturally cuts through dirt, leaving your hands soft in the process.

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Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend or want to treat yourself to plant-based soaps, Handmade Naturals has an array of safe, high-quality products that you will not find anywhere else.

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