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Bamboo Tea Infuser/Strainer

A great strainer for pouring from teapot to cup or for brewing tea the traditional way, and without adding waste to the world as it's re-usable and eco-friendly.

Place tea in the strainer, place into cup of hot water and leave to brew.

All natural bamboo.

Keep 2-3 on hand, so they can dry between uses. Dimensions are 3 " deep and the rim measures 2 1/2" across.

Made of all natural bamboo, this single-serving brew basket easily steeps all kinds of loose leaf teas (if using a tea with smaller herb pieces, they may get through the holes if you use this by itself) We do include a reusable muslin bag with each one of these for use with smaller herbs (place bag inside bamboo strainer, place herbs in, then steep, making sure to squeeze muslin bag once done)

Simple to use: Just place your loose leaf tea into the brew basket. Set the basket in your mug or cup. Add hot water and let the steeping begin!