Herbal Wellness

Our herbal wellness products are intended to help you make it through the flu season, help you maintain your wellness, and help calm/soothe. Let's take a look at the different herbal wellness products that are made in small batch quantities by Handmade Naturals for the best quality.

Natural Balms and Herbal Oils

Natural Balms and Herbal Oils

We have a wide variety of balms and herbal oils for virtually everything that you need. For example, we carry four different lip balms (Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Vanilla, and Herbal Mint). All four of these lip balms contain butters and oils to help aid cracking lips, moisturizing your lips without making them feel waxy. 

We also carry different natural herbal balms to help soothe the skin and aid in other areas of the body:

We also provide herbal oils and roll-ons to help with breast health, migraines, nausea, ears, and sleep:

Essential Oils & Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Essential Oils & Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Our essential oils are available for both use in diffusers and as a roll-on for a topical application. We have "traditional" essential oils, but also have come up with some clever blends of our own. For traditional essential oils, we offer:

Our roll-ons include:

  • Calm the Child:  This oil blend contains essential oils and chamomile to help calm, reduce stress, improve mood, and let you relax. 
  • Elevate Your Mind: This blend of essential oils is intended to help you focus and remain energized. 
  • Breathe Easy: This is a blend that can be particularly helpful during cold and flu season. The blend contains oils that help you relax, as well as make it easier for you to breathe. 
  • Relax: This Lavender essential oil blend comes with Amethyst crystals, which are known for their calming energy. 
  • Unlock the Mind: Fir and cedarwood essential oils help you stay focused and meditative, while obsidian crystals help you ward off negative energies. 
  • Manifest: Not only does manifest contain oils to help you bring your dreams to fruition, but it also contains 23k gold flakes to help with health and well-bring. 
  • Rejuvenate: This blend of essential oils contains Spearmint and Lime to help you feel grounded. 
  • Enlighten: This blend will help you with relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Organic Natural Herbs