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Chakra Wire Wrapped Tree of Life Pendant

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This is a hand wire-wrapped tree of life chakra pendant with silver finish wire.  Each pendant is unique as they are handmade, some of the stones that are used are lapis, carnelian, peridot, amethyst and red jasper, and all stones are natural stones, not heated or dyed. 

The tree of life represents connection to everything and represents growth and strength, individuality and peace. Just like the roots of a tree dig deep and spread into the earth, allowing it to accept nourishment from mother earth, the symbol serves as a reminder that you are never alone or isolated, but that you are connected to the world.

The Chakra stones are added to help amplify the mind, body and spirit and allow the connection to the world to deepen.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose any ailment. Please always consult your doctor before adopting new herbal or skincare regimens, especially in cases of pre-existing conditions, pregnancy, or breastfeeding.

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