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Eternal Well Cordyceps Extract Powder

This tonic and restorative formula highlights and enhances the adaptogenic benefits of Cordyceps, Cordyceps sinensis. To elevate this revered medicinal tonic, we have formulated it with American Ginseng, Cordyceps, He Shou Wu, Rehmannia, Astragalus Root, and Dang Shen, or Codonopsis. Cordyceps is one of the most popular tonics and restoratives, with a written use dating back nearly 1500 years. In times past, Cordyceps was reserved because of its then extreme rarity and used by royals, by emperors, their families and other elites. It is only in recent memory that the cultivation of Cordyceps has become possible, making its benefits widely available. And so, today, Cordyceps remains one of the most powerful tonics available.

This is an ideal herb for those looking for an adaptogen to help with longevity, energy, adrenal support, and true increases in athleticism.

70 Gram Bulk Pouch - 32.5 Servings per bag

Features: Gluten Free, Fruiting Body Extracts, Made in the USA, Non-GMO, Ready to Use, UV Protected, Vegan

Deeply rejuvenating;Elevated Cordyceps Formula May Support

  • Enhances athletic ability and performance;
  • Balancing, adaptogenic effects upon the endocrine system;
  • Anti-aging;
  • Restorative tonic;
  • Builds and strengthens sexual and physical vigor;
  • Mental clarity;
  • Improves the immune system;
  • Builds Jing.*

Elevated Cordyceps Formula Key Benefits


Cordyceps has historically been used to renew the body and build youthful, sexual vigor. Today, research into Cordyceps cements its positioning as a top-level Qi and Jing tonic, one that is especially suited for those suffering the effects of over-stimulation, loss of vitality, and premature aging due to overwork, exhausting, and athletic overtraining.


One of the most important tonic herbs, with essential distinctions from its sibling Chinese Panax ginseng, American Ginseng is a restorative adaptogenic and Qi tonic that is cooling in nature, which is extremely important for cases of overwork and burnout. While many in today's 24/7 culture reach for stimulants, American Ginseng offers unique cooling, non-stimulatory restorative functions (please see our Elephant Mountain Ginseng Formula).


Astragalus is a celebrated, premier Qi tonic prized for its modulating actions upon the immune system, which regulates and heals the immune system, not merely stimulating it. As a tonic, Astragalus is thought to build energy, warm the body, and enhance metabolism, respiration, and elimination. Additionally, it is used athletically, along with Cordyceps and American Ginseng, to promote strength and muscle development.


Codonopsis is an adaptogenic and restorative herb that contains similar compounds as American and Chinese Ginseng. Codonopsis is cooling in nature and is easier for the body to assimilate then Chinese Ginseng. Codonopsis tonifies Spleen Qi and Lung Qi, which allows the body to better utilize the other herbs in this formula.


Possibly best known for its reputation to restore gray hair to its original color and vigor, He Shou Wu is one of the primary Jing tonics, due in part to the plant's ability to accumulate and concentrate Qi in its roots. He Shou Wu is considered non-stimulatory, yet able to enhance energy over time. He Shou Wu is used to strengthen the knees and lower back, and restore youthful sexual drive and function in both women and men. He Shou Wu contains antioxidants that support the liver and kidney function and increases SOD levels. Lastly, He Shou Wu contains high levels of bioavailable zinc, an essential mineral for male reproductive health.


It is essential to understand the relationship between Yin and Yang to understand the importance of Rehmannia. Yin is our reserve and our protective ability, and Yang is the burning of the Yin for energy. Rehmannia root promotes Yin and body fluids, while clearing heat. Over time, overwork and stimulation leads to a burning of the Yin and the fluids of the body, creating heat and inflammation that weakens the body and its ability to stave off stress and disease.