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Magic Heel Balm

Dry, cracked heels are the worst! Luckily they can be repaired, naturally!

Our Magic heel balm has super plant powers (really it does!) that help to get deep in the skin, and repair those heels, leaving them soft without a trip to the nail salon!

We use Coco butter, Tamanu Oil and Our in shop infused Yarrow and Plantain oil to help combat the heel and repair it.

Nicely scented with skin loving lavender and tea tree essential oils, your feet will also be left smelling great.

Each Jar is 4oz

Directions - To start we recommend two times in one week (although it's safe for daily use), before bed, rub a small coating onto feet, rub in lightly, then cover your feet with socks. In the morning, remove the socks, and see the magic!


Tamanu Oil has been studied several times for its ability to heal wounds faster, reduce inflammation and promote collagen production, it's one of the best skin regenerating oils out there.

Yarrow has been found to aid in keeping skin free from dryness, cracks and infections.

Plantain is a fantastic herb for skin, it has a long history in herbal medicine, and many of its remarkable medicinal qualities have been confirmed in modern science. This plant can help with a long list of skin ailments including rashes, wounds, cuts, swelling, cracked skin, blisters, etc (there really are a ton more).


Organic Cocoa butter, Beeswax, Organic Tamanu Oil, Organic Yarrow and Plantain Leaf infused in Almond Oil, Essential Oils of Lavender and Tea Tree