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Nail Builder Oil

Want beautifully thick nails with something made from nature?  You wouldn't think an herb called Horsetail would be able to provide gorgeous natural nails, but if you think about the mane of a horse, and how thick it is, you can kind of relate it back.  

Use daily on nails and you will see a difference in the ridges, strength and overall health of your nails.

Directions: Roll a small amount of oil on each nail bed, once applied, rub into nail thoroughly into cuticles and on nails.

We package this in a roll on bottle because people tend to over-use cuticle oil, applying too much, the roll on makes it an easy way to apply it to the nail without using more than you need to, which extends the use of the product.

Each Roll On is 10ml


Horsetail is a powerful silica, and is great for hair and nails as it strengthens the nails, removes ridges and helps them grow.

Lemon Essential oil is also a nail helper - the smell will not overpower anything, it is super light and blends well with the other oils to make it very natural smelling.


Organic Grapeseed Oil, Organic Horsetail infused Almond Oil, Lemon Essential Oil