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Organic Unwind Tea Blend

Our teas are all inspired by the plants and how they can help us.

Reset yourself after a long day with this botanical blend of euphoric aromas and nervine tonics.  This tea aims to sooth the mind and the body, and is best taken after dinner, before bed.

This will help to encourage rest and tranquility.

This tea is Caffeine free.

Each bag has a Net Wt of 4oz (1/4 lb) loose leaf tea and makes approximately 56 servings (using 1-2 teaspoons of tea to 8oz of water)

All of our teas are packaged in a plant based polymer bag so the bags are 100% compostable and earth friendly!


Skullcap used to be used most commonly for for nervous disorders but is now largely used as a sedative and sleeping aid.

Mugwort is called the "dream plant" and is very beneficial for dreams and sleep, it also promotes circulation and aids in liver health.

California Poppy is used to aid in insomnia, aches, nervousness and agitation and can aid in diseases of the bladder and liver.  It is commonly used in promoting relaxation.

Angelica root is a broad herb, used for so many things, but we add it to this tea due to it's ability to help with nervousness, anxiety and insomnia.

Hyssop is most commonly used for digestive and intestinal problems and respiratory issues as well, we add it to our tea not only for it's aromatic scent, but also to aid in calming several of the internal systems in the body and promote wellness.

Rose contains antioxidants that work to aid your body in fighting against cell damage, and we add it to help your body through the night to regenerate itself.

Peppermint helps with lots of things, but aside from adding a nice aromatic flavor to this tea, peppermint can also help improve sleep.


Organic Angelica Root, Organic Hyssop, Organic Peppermint Leaf, Organic Skullcap, Organic Mugwort, Organic Rose, Organic California Poppy

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