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Organic Wormwood

Need a small amount of herbs for a project?  We've got you covered!  All of our herbs are either wildcrafted, from local farmers or purchased through organic suppliers that have ethical standards online.

We offer this herb in 1.5 oz only at this time (this is by weight).

Wormwood - Artemisia Absinthium

Orgin - United States

Also known as Common Wormwood

Parts - Leaf and flowering tops

Key Constituents - Sesquiterpene actones; absinthin and artabsin, phenolic acids, tannins

Uses - Used in mild tea, in Juice, Infusions, Tinctures, Elixir

Taste - Bitter 

Energy - Cooling, Warming, Dry

Safety - Do not use in large quantities, persons with allergies or sensitivities to the Asteraceae family should take precaution.  If you have gallstones or other biliary disorders, including stomach hyperacidity, seek medical advice before using.

Wormwood is the chief ingredient in absinthe liqueur. This extremely bitter herb is used to invigorate and stimulate the digestion as well as mood. If you want to avoid the extreme bitter flavor, consume by making a weak tea.  Also can be steeped and used to spray and discourage slugs, aphids and weevils.

We recommend that you consult with a qualified healthcare practitioner before using herbal products, particularly if you are pregnant, nursing, or on any medications.