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Unblock The Mind Roll-On (With Obsidian Crystals)

We know essential oils heal, but when paired with crystals that compliment them, the healing power is multiplied.  Both the oils from the herbs and the crystals come from the earth, so there truly is no better way to harness their powers.

We paired Obsidian crystals in this roll-on Fir Essential Oil and Cedarwood Essential Oil to create the perfect "Unblock" combo.  Roll it on when you feel stuck or have concentration issues, take a deep breath and a moment for yourself while the roll-on works its magic both metaphysically and herbally.

Each Roll-On is 10 ml

Do not use on children


Fir Essential Oil gives you a sense of focus, the roots of the fir tree go deep and are grounded, the scent does the same thing for our minds.

Cedarwood Essential Oil is known to be calming and meditative.  It is said to help clear mental clutter, helping to focus on what is important.

Obsidian crystals are known for their grounding energy, they help you stay focused and ward off negative energies.  It is also said that obsidian helps you to not let your emotions take over so they make for great concentration aids.

This roll-on comes pre-diluted at a 5% dilution using 100% Natural Fractionated Coconut Oil (made from Coconuts, and not Palm) and is safe to apply topically on adults.  Please always patch test a small area before use to ensure there is no adverse reaction.


Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fir Essential Oil, Cedarwood Essential Oil, Obsidian Crystals.