Black Moonstone


  • Metaphysical Properties: Black Moonstone is believed to enhance intuition, emotional understanding, and the development of psychic abilities. It's often associated with new beginnings and is thought to bring about change and transformation.

  • Historical Significance: Historically, Moonstone has been used in jewelry and as a sacred stone in many cultures. Black Moonstone, in particular, may have been revered for its connection to the moon and feminine energies.

  • Mineral Makeup and Scientific Facts: It's a variety of the feldspar group and exhibits a shimmering effect known as adularescence. Its composition includes potassium aluminum silicate.

  • Color Variations: Typically features shades of black and dark grey, often with silvery flashes or a pearlescent luster.

  • Chakra Healing Properties: It's most closely associated with the Root Chakra, helping to ground energy and provide protection.

  • Active Mines and Locations Found: Black Moonstone can be found in places like Madagascar and India.

  • Mohs Scale Rating: Moonstone, including the black variety, typically falls around 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

  • Healing and Spiritual Benefits: Believed to provide emotional balance, aid in coping with stress, and offer protection during challenging times.

  • Color Energy of the Stone: Its dark hues symbolize protection, mystery, and the ability to access deep intuition.

  • Meditation Techniques for the Stone: Use Black Moonstone in meditation to connect with your inner self, explore subconscious thoughts, and embrace transformation.

  • Essential Oil Pairings: Lavender or Sandalwood oils can complement its calming energy.

  • Herb Pairings: Sage or Mugwort can enhance its protective and intuitive properties.

  • Divination Meanings: It may signify impending change or the need to trust your intuition.

  • Feng Shui Uses: Useful in areas where you seek to start anew or create protective energy.

  • Birthstone Role: Not a traditional birthstone, but can be associated with those seeking a connection to the moon's phases.

  • Meaning in Talismans and Amulets: Often used for protection, especially during travel at night or in new ventures.

  • How to Use it with Angels and Spirit Guides: Black Moonstone can be used to facilitate communication with your guides, especially during new phases in life.

  • Best Stone Pairings: Pairs well with Labradorite for intuition, or Smoky Quartz for grounding.

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