My Story

Behind Every business owner is a story that inspired them.  Mine is simple, I was born out of necessity for my family and my health after dealing with 10 years of medical issues (which I now know was all caused by chemicals, and the prescriptions given by doctors to try and "heal" me). 

At the start of my journey, I got into herbalism, which led me to see that the earth provides exactly what our bodies need.  I went through 7 years of herbalist schooling, and every day after that and since, I continue to learn, read and research anything I can on the topic.

I then took that to another level and searched for herbs and plants that have studies behind them to create formulations.  I research ingredients that actually work, Natural, and Organic ingredients that won't harm us because we use them.

I built this business on the foundation of the trust my customers put in me to keep them and their families safe like I do mine and I take that responsibility very seriously.

We promise three things, 1) to always be provide a natural, wholesome product to you and your family that is straight from mother nature 2) to always ensure our products are good for you and your families like they are for ours. 3) to always provide excellent customer service and ensure your purchase is treated as if it were our only order.  

I also believe in giving back to the community and to those in need, so I support a wide variety of causes from women's and children's shelters to pet shelters (pet's need our goodness too!) and I can't do that without the support of my customers, so thank you! 

Thank you for stopping by, and if you are buying something, enjoy it!  Every one of my products is a little slice of heaven!


Jennifer Davis, Founder