Why Go with All Natural, Organic Products?

There is a lot of debate on what is "all natural" and what is "Organic" - it's a bit overwhelming when you actually dive into it all, I mean you can buy a cosmetic that is labeled "All Natural" but it has Arsenic in it (didn't know that did you?) yes I said Arsenic - the FDA actually approves the use of up to 3 ppm of this toxic ingredient!  It's appalling actually.  They also allow Lead and Mercury - with limitations of course - really, shouldn't it be NO limitations?  Now, when I look at my family, and think of all the things I bought that were "All Natural" I kind of get ill to my stomach.  A lot of what you might find in "All Natural" products have ingredients that can hurt your skin when they are combined with other additives.  So, how DO you know what to get and what not to get to help your family and not hurt them with the products you are buying?  First, I will tell you, that fewer ingredients doesn't always mean it's better for you.  Handmade Naturals tries to use as few ingredients as possible, but that isn't to fool you, it's because we know that if you choose quality ingredients, you don't need as many to make a good product.  We also try to always use ALL Organic products, but sometimes that just isn't possible, so we look at the base of those ingredients and whether they are ok to use - remember, everything you put ON your body is FAR MORE important as what you put IN your body - skincare products can soak into the skin and get into your bloodstream and cause more harm as if you ate the product itself, and that is because your skin is the largest organ in your body, and also the thinnest.  There is so much mis-use in the words "All Natural" and "Organic" that sometimes I think they hold no meaning anymore.  You can find "Organic" products that have chemicals, pesticides and are a long way from being truly organic.

We source all of our ingredients from Certified Organic vendors - but even WE look at how things are processed.  For instance, even with Organic Essential Oils, we look at the method that was used to extract the oil AND where the original plant came from ie an Organic Farm.  We do the same thing with our Herbal Oils as there is a difference in the extraction processes and what is best for the plants, which then translates to the end product ie how much benefit you derive from the use of it.

So, the out-take from this blog should be, know what you are buying or buy from companies you TRUST - you may not know us, but you can research any ingredient we use and find it is not harmful in any way.  If we have to use something harmful to make it, or to preserve it, we won't do it, it's as simple as that.  SO, GoCLEAN with your skincare, it will help you, the environment, and the ones you love.

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