blue rose quartz

Crystal Reference Guide



align chakras amazonite amber amethyst amplify energy angelic consciousness anger anxiety aquarius aries balancing black moonstone black tourmaline blue apatite blue calcite blue kyanite blue lace agate blue rose quartz bumblebee jasper calming cancer capricorn caribbean calcite change clarity cleanse aura cleansing clear energy clear mental fog clear quartz clear the mind communication compassion courage creativity crown chakra decision-making deeper understanding of the universe dendritic opal Dumortierite earth element EMF's emotional balance emotional healing emotional understanding energy healing enhance memory enhancing communication enhancing intellect enlightenment feminine energy flower agate fluorite forgiveness fosters psychic development gemini goals good luck grounding harmony heart chakra hematite higher consciousness honey calcite hope howlite iceland spar inner peace insight inspiration intuition joy labradorite larimar leo lepidolite libra love malachite meditation mental blocks mental clarity merlinite moonstone moss agate negative emotional energies negative emotions negative energy negativity new beginnings nurturing obsidian ocean jasper optical calcite orca agate overcoming fear patience peace personal growth personal power pisces positive change positive mindset promote self-expression prosperity protection psychic abilities psychic development pyrite relaxation relieve stress restful sleep restoration rhodonite root chakra rose quartz sacral chakra sagittarius satin spar scolecite scorpio security selenite self-confidence self-discipline self-discovery self-esteem self-expression sense of self serenity shungite sleep smithsonite solar plexus chakra soothing spiritual attunement spiritual communication spiritual growth stability stabilizing strength strengthen connection with earth stress success sunny energy Taurus third eye chakra throat chakra tranquility transcendental meditation transformation truth unconditional love vanadinite virgo wealth willpower yellow calcite