Why Plant-Based Soaps Are Good For Your Body

If you are in any store, you’ll notice an array of body cleansing products. They are promoted in a wide variety of ways as products to help people remain clean and healthy.

But, there’s one shocking fact many such products typically don’t tell consumers: they are commercially produced products that contain a cocktail of chemicals. Even the FDA states there are “very few true soaps on the market.”

Thankfully, more plant-based soaps are emerging in the market, and they confidently claim they are natural soaps. If you’re looking to reduce the use of potentially toxic chemicals in your regular hygiene routine, here’s why plant-based soaps from Handmade Naturals are good for your body:

No Harsh Chemicals

The first fact about plant-based soaps you need to know is they don’t contain any harsh chemicals, let alone any harmful chemicals at all. That means there are no chemical detergents in the list of ingredients that could cause problems with people’s skin.

For example, some chemically derived fragrances infused in store-bought soaps can often pose health risks. Some fragrances contain acetaldehyde, a chemical that impacts the body’s reproductive, nervous, and respiratory systems.

The good news is plant-based soaps are not made with chemicals that could cause harm to human health.

Natural Soaps Get Made With Natural Ingredients

When you buy a plant-based soap, one fact you can be assured of is how they only contain natural ingredients; there are no commercially-produced chemicals that contain harsh toxins. The ingredients found in natural soaps come from unrefined oils and butter.

They also get sourced from fruits, vegetables, flowers, herbs, seeds, and grains to produce soaps that boast natural dyes, scents, textures, and gentle exfoliation. Plant-based soaps are safe, soft, and come from sustainable sources.

For example, if you purchase our Organic Lavender Soap and review it’s list of ingredients, you will see that there are no harmful chemicals. In fact, there are no chemicals at all, as only plant-based ingredients, including natural oils and roots are used. The ingredients used in this particular soap are mostly organic and natural essential oils are used for fragrance (no fragrance oils).

Natural Soaps Are Moisturizing

You expect soaps used during your bathing routine to be kind to your skin and leave it feeling as smooth as silk. Thankfully, that’s one of the benefits provided by plant-based soaps.

They are moisturizing and feel creamy when applied to the skin. Plant-based soaps also produce a long-lasting lather, resulting in skin that ultimately feels radiant, smooth, rejuvenated, and, of course, clean!

There are many plant-based soaps available to consumers, so you’re bound to find the best ones for your regular hygiene needs.

Aromatherapeutic Benefits

Did you know that plant-based soaps scented with natural ingredients offer substantial aromatherapeutic benefits? That’s because they contain essential oils, which help ease stress and make you feel good about yourself.

In contrast, commercially produced soaps with synthetic ingredients offer no aromatherapeutic benefits. They might duplicate the scent of certain flowers or plants, but that’s all they do.

Suitable For All Skin Types

Lastly, have you ever noticed how some mainstream soaps made with synthetic ingredients get promoted as “suitable for sensitive skin”? The truth is, there’s no such thing as sensitive skin.

What happens is some people’s skin is reacting to some of the harsh chemicals and toxins found in commercial-grade soaps. Plant-based soaps don’t contain any synthetic ingredients and, as such, won’t cause skin irritations.

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